First blog post

Hello as you can see, this is my very first blog post, so bare with me.  In July 2016, the Universe pretty much kicked me in the butt and set me full force on the path to living my life’s purpose. I had a corporate job that I loved for 4 years and then in year 5, I was promoted.  I thought that this was what I wanted. I had convinced myself that I wanted to grow in this company.

I have always had natural leadership skills, after all I was class president all for years in high school.  All bad jokes aside, I am and always have been a leader, someone who cares about truly helping others, someone who likes to color outside of the lines, someone who sees the many shades of grey and color in the world, but that is not the kind of leadership the company I worked for was ready to accept.  So after 5 years we parted ways. Best. Decision. Ever!

Ain’t it funny how the Universe works.  What I didn’t tell you is that two years prior, I had stated to myself and others that I gave myself two more years at the Company and then I would leave to start my own private practice.  I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and my life’s purpose and passion is helping others heal.  I hope to use this blog as an extension of what I help others with in the therapy room, healing!

My goal is to share information and tips on how to learn to love yourself and others Whole Heartedly.

Lovingly with A Whole Heart,

Jessica Alejandro, LMFT



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